Monday, June 24, 2013

Juice it or lose it!

One of my favorite inspirational game development videos is this 15-minute nugget of goodness from Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho. In it, they take a bland Breakout clone and turn it into something that has an amazing... feel... to it. (I don't know if there's a word that captures what I'm talking about!)

I often cobble together game designs that have an intrinsic appeal, but the delight a player might get is buried beneath layers of abstraction, and useful metaphorical handles are obscured or non-existent.

When I'm at that point -- the game is good but doesn't sell itself -- I watch this video and smile at the huge number of ways a simple concept can be made Awesome.

For lots of related links, including the source code used on stage, check out the article on Rock Paper Shotgun.

And watch the video.

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