Friday, June 28, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Gunpoint

Indie Spotlight

I believe the best action games are built around a simple concept: Mario jumps, Sonic goes fast, Link explores, Cogs shoot aliens from behind cover, etcetera. Gunpoint's concept is: rewire things.

If that doesn't get you bristling with excitement, then you haven't played the game or seen the video!

From these simple concepts -- from one simple verb -- a huge array of gameplay possibilities can open up  if the game has been properly crafted. And that's the trick, isn't it? To make a structure that can withstand a hurricane of half-sleepy, over-caffeinated, or drunk gamers thrashing about with a controller, and yet retain its breezy accessibility, tempting them with One More Try?

Gunpoint accomplishes that. It gives you that tingly sensation you get when learning by trying something instinctual but untested... and succeeding. Then it does it over, and over, and over again, all wrapped in a lovely shell that you can pause and admire.

Give it a look. Three years of development have resulted in a success story, and that's always a sign of something great.

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