Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Demo Plans! Office Space!

My goal is to have a feature-complete demo by Friday, so I can spend another week polishing it before pushing it out to "the wild." It's ambitious, but I really have to test this concept to see if it's viable. And the plan is to use Lumos to track metrics and answers to questions like "How much do you know about chess?"

With a playable game, survey results, and game data, I should have no trouble deciding whether to press on, or pull the plug.

In other news, I'm helping the folks at FertiLab clean out their new "thinkubator" space in downtown Eugene. Here's a shot of the central room from today:

Once their internet is up and running, this is where I'll be working (albeit in an office space you can't see from here). I'm looking forward to hosting some rad release parties and game jams up in there! w00t!

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