Thursday, June 27, 2013

Demo Progress

Dev Notes
It's been a steady march towards a feature complete demo, with the Friday goal still in reach!

  • The pipeline for creating tutorials has been streamlined, making them very easy to pump out. 
  • I've added the first magic spells: Enrage (move a single piece twice) and Transform (change a Pawn into anything else). Each spell "breaks" the game in a special way, so I've been altering the core logic to be a little more flexible. Having bespoke code for every single spell is a big no-no!
  • I also finished and tested the "demo flow," starting from the Title Screen all the way to "Thanks for Playing." This involved a lot of writing and re-writing, to make sure the text on screen was short and to the point! 
The two "big" tasks left on the plate are tutorials for the spells and a system which gathers survey information. After that, it's bug testing, scenario design, and polish! My aim is to send a private demo to certain folks next Friday, in anticipation of a wider launch after I process their feedback.

State Machines
I've been using State Machines to handle game states since my very first Unity project -- Ninja Baseball -- yet somehow I neglected to do so with Chess Heroes. Big mistake! There's nothing worse than having to manage 1000+ lines of code in your core logic file when there are a large number of states to enter and process, and then adding to that complexity. Yuck!

If Chess Heroes moves into "Full Production" status, I'll be overhauling it to use a state machine. It allows for the graceful addition and removal of states, and keeps logic in check when altering flow. Watch this space (all two of you!) for details on implementation.

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