Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dev Notes: Demo Development!

Wither: A spell cast by the Scarecrow King.
Restricts movement to a single square.

The past week has seen the game transformed from a mostly-stable, silent, hands-on demo to a rock-solid downloadable demo that's alive with sound!
I wanted to be able to send the game to interested bloggers (like the fine folks at Geekenstein) without a full page of stuff "that should be there." I also entered the indie game competition at the Captivate Conference. The game must represent itself well, without me holding its hand, and I think I'm getting pretty close.

After a thorough round of testing, I'll be posting it live to the internet. 

Hoo boy.

Major additions this week (September 8 to September 14)

  • Music Manager to handle transitions, fades, etc.
  • Audio Manager to handle sound effect calls
  • Integrated 18 sound effects. A mix of custom recording, remixes of base sounds, and direct downloads from (note: all sounds will be original on game's release)
  • "Quit Chess Heroes" menu now available on all screens (before that was created, you had to kill the process to exit. heh heh)
  • Revised cinematic for Upgrade spell to show Pawn transforming
  • New cinematic treatment for boss abilities Wither and Riptide
  • Revised logo graphic and added "Pre Alpha Demo" to title screen
  • Keyboard input to acknowledge instructions, open menus, etc.

Bug Fixes of Note

  • Fixed "Unlock All"
  • New users no longer get the "Continue" option
  • Title screen buttons now sit at screen percentage, instead of fixed height
  • Various interface issues cleaned up
  • No longer possible to "soft lock" the game using Enrage on a piece with no valid moves
  • Indicator arrows match camera rotation
  • Camera rotation does not snap back to default after each move
  • Cleaned up various issues with spell interface

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